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Enameled Copper Wire Supplier Xinyu Offer Enameled Copper Coated Aluminum Wire
The Enameled Copper Wire supplier xinyu-enameledwire is one of the foremost suppliers of enamelled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire, and a huge range of enameled wires. We also stock other types of wires. We are the pioneers of supplying small quantities of wire for small projects. In this article, we will introduce the enameled copper coated aluminum wire for you.
Enameled Copper Coated Aluminum Wire
Conductor material: copper clad aluminum
Conductor type: solid
Insulation material: polyester or polyurethane
Colors: gold, red, blue, green and black
Thermal class: 130/155/180 degrees Centigrade
Temperature class: 130, 155 and 180 degrees Centigrade
Diameter: 0.13 to 1.00mm (thin/thick coat or customized)
Performance features:
It has good performance of high temperature-, cold-, radiation-, softening- and freeze-resistant
Heat-resistance temperature is higher than that of polyesterimide polyamide-imide compound copper over-coated aluminum enameled wire
It has good electrical conductivity
Density of aluminum is low (just 40 percent of that of copper enameled wire)
It is light and the length in each unit weight can reach 2.5 to 2.7 times than that of copper enameled wire
By using this material, the cost can be reduced by 30 percent above
Heat-resistant temperature can reach as high as 240 degrees Centigrade
Main applications of Enameled Wire : used as the winding wire of electric machine or electrical appliance working under high temperature, severe cold, radiated, over-loaded environment. Contact us for more detail.
Informative post, do share more.
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